Providing ongoing customer-focused support through energy metering solutions and billing services for credit and prepayment meters, we can offer a number of billing solutions for any variety of energy types to suit your needs.

Credit Billing

Whether meter reads are collected through one of our automatic meter reading (AMR) systems or supplied by you, we can create and issue monthly or quarterly bills to your residents and if required, manage the cash collection and credit control on your behalf.

The invoices we raise through our energy metering solutions can be tailored to your specific requirements.

What we can do:

  • Supply a bespoke residents' welcome pack introducing our company and its role
  • Produce and issue bills on a monthly or quarterly basis as required
  • Provide a summary of all invoices produced in a format of your choosing
  • Supply trained staff to discuss energy bills, meter reads, payment plans etc
  • Generate a monthly report of any current outstanding customer balances

All meter read data is loaded onto our billing system and is validated using our proven data validation process. This highlights where no readings have been received, or where exceptionally high or low consumption is recorded compared to historical data.


  • Aged Debtor Report – Provides a full breakdown of balances owed broken down into aging periods (current, 30, 60, and 90+ days). The report is processed monthly.
  • Exceptions Report - Provides an analysis of those customers who have not made any payments, have unusually large account balances, where on our wireless systems (WPM or VersionR+) we have detected a system fault. The report is processed monthly.
  • Invoice summary report - Provides a full listing of all invocies raised during the month/quarter.
  • Any money collected on your behalf is paid directly into a dedicated client bank account. Once a month the account is reconciled to produce a statement of all monies received. Following reconciliation, all money collected is then transferred to your nominated company bank account.

Managing credit risk 

When customers are connected to credit meters, it is possible for them to get into debt and have difficulties paying their bills. At PBS we recognise that domestic debt is a major problem for owners and managers of decentralised energy systems. Please see our services under Debt Management

Multiple Payment Methods

Our energy metering solutions allow flexibility and choice to your customers for them to be able to pay their energy accounts is very important. As such, we understand the need to pay using different methods. We therefore offer a number of different payment options to your residents, if required to provide this facility;

  • Direct payment into our client bank account
  • Via PayPoint at around 27,000 outlets across the UK
  • Credit or debit card payments via the telephone 24 hours a day
  • Internet payments
  • Standing orders arrangements with banks
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