Prepayment may be a requirement, but it needn’t be a burden to users. We believe offering a variety of methods for top-up - which can happen wirelessly or remotely with our WPM and VersionR+ prepayment units – makes living with prepayment easier and more beneficial.

Having choice on how customers are allowed to top-up their prepayment units enables scheme operators and managers to be as flexible and helpful towards their customers. We offer a variety of methods as described below.

In all instances, when a customer makes a payment, they are issued with a receipt. On the receipt will be the value of the transaction together with a unique PIN number.

On VersionR systems, this PIN will be input by users to load the purchased credit value into their units. On all our other systems – WPM and VersionR+ - the PIN is there as a back-up in the unlikely event that the wireless systems are delayed. Thus ensuring users are never deprived from accessing their energy.

Choice is good

We understand choice is good. As site owners and managers, you can choose which of the client payment methods you wish to make available to your site and customers. We will always tailor what we do to meet your requirements.


Not everyone is comfortable with using the internet, so having access to around 27,000 Paypoint outlets through which customers can top-up is welcomed by users across the UK. We have teamed up with PayPoint who have terminals in newsagents, convenience stores, supermarkets, garages and off-licences across the UK. Most are open long hours, many seven days a week.

To find the nearest PayPoint stores to your scheme, enter your postcode into the Locator below.

Telephone Payment line

Our automated payment line is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to process payments made by clients. Clients calls are identified by the customer ID number and payments are taken via debit or credit card. For our fully wireless systems – WPM and VersionR+, the credit is sent directly to the users’ prepayment unit. For VersionR users, the PIN is issued for the users to input directly. PIN reminders can be issued by text messages when making a payment or by accessing them through the telephone system.

Internet Payments

Payments can be made at any time of the day over the internet with their debit or credit cards, using our customer payment portal

Through the payment portal, customers can access their own, secure, account. This will list all customer payments made – from any source – together with their associated PIN numbers, together with meter reading and historic account information on energy consumption.

Users obtain access with log-on details which are supplied when the sites are set-up.

Standing Order arrangements

We allow for users to make arrangements with their banks for regular payments to be made directly to our clients account. When the payments are received, for our automated systems – WPM and VersionR+ - the payments are sent wirelessly direct to the user’s prepayment unit.

For VersionR customers, an email or text message will be sent, advising of the PIN number which will be required to be entered directly into their unit.

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