In todays' economic world, sometimes clients who are on credit meters can get into debt and have difficulties paying their energy bills.

AT PBS we recognise that pro-active energy debt management can sometimes lead to outstanding debts being cleared by discussing and agreeing payment plans direct with clients. We have a variety of measures we use to increase cash flow and debt recovery with clients from agreeing structured manageable repayment plans to retro-fitting our prepayment systems into existing sites.

Retro fitment of any of our prepayment ranges – WPM or the new VersionR – can lead to protection from debt levels increasing and with active energy debt management through the prepayment operation, lead to recovery of existing debts.

All decisions on the approaches to clients are made after discussion with the site owners and managers. Therefore you can be assured that only agreed measures and plans are followed.

For more information on our energy debt management services, please contact us to discuss what options might be suitable for your development.

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